Allfunds Bank is an internationally focused financial technology company that provides efficient technologies to enable manufacturers of mutual funds to effectively distribute their products to fund distributors and their investor clients. It does so while managing the complex administrative burden of transacting mutual funds in a compliant manner and providing significant volumes of important regulatory and commercial management information to the parties involved. Created in 2000, Allfunds Bank now has more than €250 Billion assets under administration and offers close to 52,000 funds from 540 fund managers. Allfunds Bank International S.A. is present in Luxembourg since 2008 as PFS and from 2014 with a banking license fully regulated by the CSSF.  Allfunds Bank Group has other local presences in Spain, Italy, UK, Chile, UAE, Switzerland, Colombia, and Singapore and has more than 530 institutional wealth management clients, including major commercial banks, private banks, insurance companies, fund managers, financial supermarkets, international brokers, and specialist firms, from 38 different countries.